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I have been working in the media sphere for more than 14 years. I worked as a print journalist, producer and organizer of various state events. My past projects include news programs, talk shows, travel shows, reality shows, documentaries etc. Between presentations, concerts and international forums, I’ve done it all. I also worked as a producer on live TV and have experience in shooting commercials. In a nutshell, I possess the following skills:
  • Understanding the techniques used to create audiovisual works at every stage from pre– to post-production for different formats
  • Being able to work in any setting, whether it’s a movie set or an event
  • Doing extensive research and finding information, guests, features, equipment, props, locations etc.
  • Brainstorming topics, creating press-releases, conducting business correspondence (including that with state corporations or governmental organizations)
  • Maintaining projects’ documentation
  • Managing projects’ budgets and finance plans
  • Understanding what «deadlines», «low budgets» and «optimizing» are. Knowing how to cut corners and be smart about it
  • Staying cool-headed no matter what
This is the number of people that were interviewed live over the course of three days by the hosts at the closing ceremony of the Year of Science and Technology held in Sochi in 2021. I was the one who planned and scheduled all of them. By the way, the participants had received their schedule only 2 days before the event, so all of it was planned in a very short time. Moreover, many of the VIP speakers appeared spontaneously while the live was on, therefore I was coordinating them in real time. Besides, I made sure to check all the titles and approve the questions for the interviewees beforehand.
My «miracles»
Every film producer has miracles under their belt that they made possible. Here are some of mine.
worked on the set of the project «Live Through To Remember». Coordinating meals, transport, props, suits, documents and accompanying the team while being waist-deep in water ect, took my own living through it and I surely won’t forget that. The program has since been out, all was done in time, we kept everyone safe, so I guess it was a successful project.
I discovered that it's quite possible in the USA to interrupt a plane take-off if you need to send a CD with a unique archive for a TV-program in Russia.
I still have no idea how I did it. Let's all agree that my charm worked wonders.

The TV-Channel «Star» had an array of notable projects and consequentially, an array of miracles. When filming a travel-show, I made arrangements with different countries’ governments to co-fund our program.
For the project «Intelligence Legends», I created a very realistic document prop that looked exactly like the original. It even made everyone wonder, «Where did you get it?»
«The Act of Bravery of Khalkhin Gol» was on its own a difficult international project. The Nomonhan Incident affected the interests of four countries, so even the name of this documentary had to be agreed upon. The hardest thing, besides taking on the great responsibility such a task entailed, was the time limit. The realization of this idea, from the moment of its inception to the moment it went on air, took us 4 months. During that time, we prepared all the documents for our working trip abroad, took the trip, filmed all interviews and reenactments, did CGI work, found archive videos etc. It was exciting but also nerve-racking.
The «Instagramshici» reality show is best remembered for the short time allotted for its production. We received the screenplay just 2 days before filming. Just to make it clear, in 2 days we had to find and coordinate the approval of play locations (for free) for 2 main characters, props, clothes, actors and so on. And of course, at the same time we had to keep an eye on the participants as we needed to keep the plot of the show secret from them. Obviously, it wasn’t that we had this little time for every episode’s pre-production, but mostly we had only 2-4 days to prepare.
The coverage of this 2020’ contest was streamed live on every social media. Edited «stories» and photos were posted every 1.5-2 hours. Short clips with pre-written music were published every 3 hours. In some cities, our own mobile live studio was doing the reporting. I had to organize and coordinate the filming group and to quickly respond to our clients’ requests. Furthermore, I had to organize business trips in 2 cities at the same time, because the stages of the contest were simultaneously held in different cities. It was an exciting experience.
Rational, responsible
Emotionally stable
Initiative, independent, ready to work 24/7
Personal qualities, skills and additional info
Literate speech, diplomacy
Basic program skills: Adobe Premier, Pagemaker, Indesign, Photoshop, Gimp, HTML basics
English language (Intermediate B1), legal entity, ready for trips abroad
Single, no kids
St. Petersburg state university
Faculty of Journalism
Specialist, 2005-2011 year
Here I pitched the popular science tourist route in Russia.
Young Scientists Congress
Here I represented the «Popular Science Tourism» Initiative of The Science and Technology Decade in Russia
Letters of Gratitude
Sometimes you can also get non-financial perks for your work.
I’ve got some, but not too many, because patting yourself on the back is very off-putting.
«Kuda glaza Ne glyadyat»
The project received a few Awards:
  • «The Best Documentary», the SENSUS Festival, 2022
  • In «Socially Significant Cinema» category, LAMPA-2021
  • In «Web Series 2022» category, the TRAVEL FILM cinema festival
  • In «Humor Web-series» category, GEL0S
«The Good Deed»
The «Good Deed» program received the national award «We’ll Do It Together!» for «spreading the awareness about charity work and encouraging kindness towards each other».

My project’s awards

My projects rarely compete at different festivals and contests. Usually it happens because the companies don't have time and resources for that. However, I have ones which were praised not only by the audience.
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